Excerpt From a UNT Press Interview with Peter Brown

Q. Some characters in this book seem preoccupied by religion. Do you believe in God?

A. At the moment I’m siding with the people who say religion or spiritual desire is as instinctive for most people as procreation or the will to satisfy hunger or to get in out of the cold. I’m too ignorant about the other major religions — Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism — to comment but there are immense truths in the Judeo-Christian spiritual tradition and because America has been so largely a nation of religious immigrants or people who came here seeking religious freedom, it seems inevitable that if you are writing about them that you have to take up their beliefs or religiosity on some level. It’s also just terribly rich material, if you ask me.

Q. Sometimes the stories seem to have ambiguous endings. Is this intentional? Why?

A. Not necessarily intentional. I would say inevitable. I’m often not very focused on the plot of the stories and often hope rather for a visceral effect upon the reader, that is, even though a reader may not understand exactly what has happened in the story at the level of plot or even psychological analysis, nonetheless I hope she feels something, that she comes away with a clear sense of dread or joy or at least a vague feeling of panic.

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